Connor J Thornton

Connor J Thornton. A Life.

Well not so much a life. More like a short paragraph or two of some notable moments.

I've had an entrepreneurial drive ever since earliest childhood - starting with an attempt to launch an online bookselling and review operation at the age of 6. Unfortunately, that 6 year old didn't yet realize Jeff Bezos had been cranking away on that concept for more than a decade. (No hard feelings, I'm a proud Amazon shareholder now.) Still, the experience sparked a fascination with business and led to lifelong learning of business concepts, strategies and execution.

From those early years, I began studying the lives of titans such as Steve Jobs, and later Elon Musk. I wanted to be like them, to fundamentally change the way humanity does something. I still want that.

Prior to college, my ambitions included being an engineer at SpaceX. (Ya know, like any nerdy teenager!) Calculus, however, had other plans. On the upside, I learned from early mistakes and mastered the basics of calculus on the second go-around. This taught perseverance and overcoming obstacles, real and perceived.

My attention and interest in business then took center-stage. A newfound fascination and passion for building businesses, investing strategically, and changing the world in other ways took over...

The next stage of my journey took me down fascinating pathways of investing.

I began buying stocks (first was $TSLA on Jan 2, 2018) in companies of which I knew almost nothing, other than a passion for the brand. Despite a steep learning curve, I somehow beat the market handily. A mix of beginner's luck and lots of independent research empowered me to beat the market with a 300% portfolio gain out of the gate. This will be a lifelong journey, but early learnings have formed my current investing principles, which can be summed up by Galileo Russell: "Invest in the future you believe in."

My goals are as follows: Learn everything I can about as much as I can, develop the grit of a Navy SEAL, run an Ironman at Kona, make my little brother the most successful saxophone player in the world, and as Steve Jobs says, put a dent in the universe. I want to live a life not bound by "you can't do that." Someday I want to have a huge library of physical books in my home, and deep down inside, someday I would love to land on the moon.

Enjoy my page,